Why are Holidays Such a Pain in the Back?

Once again, it’s that season again – the season for back pain!

We know the basic facts about the season:

  • Which ones of us are carrying heavier things than we usually carry? Not only are these heavy items, for many of us they are awkward to hold. Good things like presents, holiday decorations, big trays of food, and more.
  • Also we know that we got to clean up the house before company comes, so we push “stuff” into closets, on top of racks, anyplace we can get too many things out of sight.
  • Now it may be snowy and wet so don’t slide on slippery walks, sidewalks and other areas.

So what happens when you “throw your back out” from any of these or other similar activities?

Typically one of the bones of the spinal column moves or is forced out of alignment and creates pressure on more or more of the spinal nerves. With the spinal bone out of proper alignment, we get the term of “throwing you back out”.

But this can be safely and easily corrected. Dr. Goldstein is a trained, skilled and licensed Chiropractor who knows, understands and can help re-align your spine safely without drugs, medications, and injections.

Dr. Goldstein can safely and externally, reposition of the bones of the spinal column back towards and into alignment so they do not create pressure on the spinal nerves which now results in the reduction or elimination of the pain.
The real question is what can you do to prevent “throwing your back out” in the first place?

  1. Lift objects properly. Don’t lift anything that is too heavy ask someone to help you! Lift by bending at your knees, back straight, then straightening out your legs. Your legs have the longest muscles in your body so let them do most of the lifting!
  2. Don’t try to stretch yourself into uncomfortable positions. We all have tried to reach the top of an object which is just a little out of reach and what do we do? – we force our back muscles to stretch and by doing so upset the alignment of our backs!
  3. Be careful walking on wet and icy sidewalks. Feeling a slide or a fall about to happen we try to protect ourselves and often times the flailing motions can cause the spinal column to shift. As you can imagine falling definitely can cause a change of the spine’s alignment.

We can’t always protect ourselves from these situations, but when your back hurts call the offices of Dr. Goldstein at 212-582-1122. Dr. Goldstein has the experience to help you feel better. He has helped many patients with similar symptoms correct their problems and gain relief from pain allowing them to actively participate in their everyday activities. So let him help you!

I could not get out of bed without pain before I went to Oasis Chiropractic.

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Wendy M.