What to Do In The Event of an Automobile Accident

No matter what time of year it is, cars are hitting one another and people are getting hurt. So if you are in an accident what should you do?

We all know that everyone needs to remain calm, exchange information with the other person or persons involved. If needed, get immediate medical help.

But what we don’t understand is how our body reacts to an automobile accident.

Our body subconsciously tenses up to brace us for the impact that is coming. The more tense our body is, the more damage that can occur to your body. In a rear-end accident, our bodies pushed forward by the impact of the other car. But our seatbelts and airbags almost immediately stop our forward motion. But our head is not secured, it first flies forward due to the impact of the other car, then because the body is held in position by either our seat belts or airbags then it is whipped back and finally bounces off the seat head rest again flying forward. While this is happening to our head, our torso is also being accelerated forward due to the impact but then rapidly stopped by our passive safety devices and then torso is driven back into and off the seat back while the .

Lots of rapid accelerations, stopping of motion and then reversing motions, lots of some body areas moving uncontrollably (your head) while others are held very rigidly in place (your torso).

Your body doesn’t realize what has just happened to it and you say you feel OK, no pain, your fine. However there may be a lot of damage done to your body and you don’t realize it immediately! Usually a few days after an accident, aches and pains being to develop, soreness may occur, you seem to feel different, uncomfortable but you don’t understand why you hurt.

After any trauma your body experiences, you need to see Dr. Goldstein . He is a professional, trained and licensed to help people who may have nerve and soft tissue injuries related to an automobile accident. By performing a complete exam, Dr. Goldstein can evaluate your condition, adjust your spine as needed and provide any therapies to help heal soft tissue damage. What is also important is that Dr. Goldstein can rule out any serious injury related to the accident.

You owe it to yourself to see Dr. Goldstein immediately after any accident you have been involved with to better understand the nature of any injuries, and to start a treatment program to help the body heal itself.

Don’t forget to see Dr. Goldstein for your routine maintenance adjustment to keep your body in great working order. He is located in Manhattan and services Upper West Side, Columbus Circle, Midtown and Lincoln Center areas.

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Dr J is absolutely amazing.

Dr J is absolutely amazing. Both my partner and I have been seeing him on a weekly basis and we both feel significantly better. I actually didn’t even know that I needed to get corrected-I was going to support my… Read more “Dr J is absolutely amazing.”

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