Before seeing Dr. J I had splitting headaches that would come on at least once a week. I had seen almost every kind of doctor to try to figure out what was going on and everyone had a different opinion or no explanation at all. The ear/nose/throat doctor thought I had a deviated septum that was causing the headaches and recommended I get surgery to fix the problem.

Thank goodness before doing so I took my friend’s advice and saw Dr. J! I spoke about my symptoms, he took some x-rays of my neck, and he was pretty sure that the cause of my headaches was the misalignment of my neck/spine and that he could fix it with chiropractic care. He has worked wonders! After two weeks of seeing Dr. J I was no longer getting headaches. After full treatment, I feel great, have better posture, and have not had a headache since! In addition, Dr. J is one of the most pleasant, upbeat, positive, and nice people I have ever met. I highly recommend Dr. J. Thank you, Dr. J, for your help!