Here’s my story. I spent a decade as a firefighter wielding around heavy things, often with poor form. Because I was in shape and young I could get away with it. Then I went to grad school and spent 5 years in front of the computer. The long hours with poor posture started to show their effects through tight shoulders, lots of knots and a stiff lower back. When I got out of bed in the morning my back would feel stiff, rickety and old. I thought that was just what it meant to be 30 and I continued on with life as usual. Then one day a portion of my index finger went numb. After about a month of that I decided to seek treatment. I found glowing reviews for Dr. J on Yelp and called Joanne to make an appointment.

In the initial consultation, Dr. J took the time to engage in a thorough dialogue about the symptoms and nature of the problem in order to determine whether my problem was something he could treat. The next step was an x-ray. During the following appointment Dr. J walked me through the x-ray. My spine was out of whack–no wonder I felt so stiff! We began treatment. By “we” I mean Dr. J and me. Dr. J sees treatment as a partnership between doctor and patient. I agree with him. He does his part, but I have to do my part, too, by doing the stretches and exercises he prescribes. Unlike other chiropractors who crack your back a few times and send you on your way, Dr. J designs a treatment plan to fit your needs. Every appointment is furthering a specific goal depending on what phase of treatment you’re in. My back started feeling better gradually. One of the most memorable moments in my treatment was one morning when I got out of bed and noticed an absence of stiffness. The stiffness that I had felt for so long–that I thought it was just part of my body, part of aging, part of my history with bad posture–was gone. I may have shed a tear of gratitude. 😉 Dr. J has my highest endorsement.

Also, I just really enjoy going to my appointments. Joanne, the office manager, and Dr. J remember everybody’s name and make you feel welcome. Dr. Tyler is also fantastic. They are passionate about what they do and that passion benefits the patient. I waited way too long before seeking treatment because I just took my stiffness for granted–Don’t do what I did. Be proactive and get treatment. You’ll be glad you invested in your health.