My New Years’ Resolution Backfires on Me!

With the New Year upon us, we all have made many resolutions with the greatest of intention of completely fulfilling them.

One of the most popular resolutions is to start getting back into shape.  The big problem is we are eager to get underway, but our bodies did not get the message that we will be exercising. So we run off to the gym, get on a machine, take a class, do some exercises work up a sweat and say “that was a great workout, and I’ll be back tomorrow for more!”

Well that sounds great as you leave, but by the time you get home – it hurts – everything hurts – your back, your arms, your legs – you name it and it hurts! Your brain was mentally ready to start exercising, but your body didn’t get the message. It was relaxed, like it had been for months.  After being inactive for several weeks, months then quickly exercised your muscles, ligaments and tendons are now tight, knotted, and now we feel pain – whether it is a cramp, strain, sprain or just a nasty ole’ pain!

We don’t like pain, and in today’s world of instant results – we expect immediate relief. But what’s the fastest way to get the best relief from these pains?

If you believe what you see on television or in magazines there are many choices of pills, potions, creams, saves, lotions, rubs, heating pads, and the like. But what do they really do – do the resolve the source of the actual pain or just mask it? The truth is that they just mask the pain, while the body accommodates the injury that caused the pain.

Since your pain was caused because your body moved – logic would suggest that to relieve the pain, something in your body needs to be moved, re-positioned or re-adjusted.

The solution is simple – see your chiropractor.

Professionals like Dr. Goldstein are trained and licensed to know and understand body mechanics and be able to identify and correct many types of pain caused from various exercising. Understanding nerve interference, various areas of kinesiology and exercise psychology, trained physicians like Dr. Goldstein and can help give you the relief from various sources of pain and also show you how to prepare your body for the various exercise programs you want to participate in.

They may not be able to perform miracles in moments, but after a few sessions and conversations with your chiropractor – not only will your body feel better, but your will want to actively continue with your exercise program and begin to feel and look physically better.

So get started today and contact Dr. Goldstein’s office at 212-555-1212 for an appointment. Let him evaluate your physical condition, and offer you a program to which will allow you to continue exercising with minimum pain and discomfort. Dr. Goldstein’s office is conveniently located on 1841 Broadway in Manhattan. So don’t wait call Dr. Goldstein today and get your exercise/ pain prevention program started now.

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Best care.

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