Manhattan – The Winter Walking Challenge

Nobody has to tell you how bad this winter has been. You experienced the cold, the wet, the snow, the ice and everything else that goes with this bad weather.

Manhattan requires everyone to walk – you walk from your home to your to the bus, the train, your car, your office, a store or to a friend. But winter walking is dangerous!

When the temperature drops, we cover up to keep warm. Hats pulled down on heads, scarfs around the head and face, and we walk with our heads down to avoid that cold wind. But as we walk, we are not really looking where we are going – because we’re looking down and probably focused on everything – but the sidewalks, people around us, possible ice, and cars.

Imagine you’re walking somewhere in midtown, perhaps the Central Park/Columbus Circle area or near your home or office – it’s cold, windy, and icy underfoot – you’re bundled up. Now in order to avoid bumping into someone or something you awkwardly move out of the way, you lose your balance, twist and turn – but don’t fall, or even worse you do fall on the concrete. Ouch! When your body hit that hard concrete, something had to give and it’s not the concrete!

Falling is much like being in an automobile accident – your body experiences an immediate and violent impact when you stop moving.  Remember a law in physics – for every action there is an opposite and equal reaction. The action of falling causes the body to absorb the impact of the fall – the reaction.

When we fall, we land on our sides, our butt, and our back. There is a lot of energy that is instantaneously being transmitted into your body. This energy tends to move body parts into painful positions, pulls soft tissue to the point of severe discomfort.

Perhaps you were the “lucky” one who didn’t fall but slipped, twisted, turned and was able to prevent falling. Many of those awkward movements also placed great stress and strain on your soft tissues – but all you knew is that you didn’t fall, and now I feel OK.

As with automobile accidents, you don’t feel the pain immediately but wait a day or two and you start to feel the discomfort, the aching, the soreness, the throbbing, and the pain!

If you have slipped, or fallen see your Dr. Goldstein immediately.

As a licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Goldstein has been trained in evaluating many conditions related from falling. Often time, the impact of the fall or awkward twisting forces the spine and other joints out of alignment which interfaces with our body’s nerve pathway resulting in the sensation of pain.

Dr. Goldstein has the training and expertise to help the folks, just like you, who live, work or are passing by the Columbus Circle area of New York City get relief from pain and discomfort related to falls.

I’m a neck patient in liberating recovery thanks to Dr. J.

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