If you’re like many people, you’d love to be a healthy person. If you already feel pretty healthy, that’s great. However, I’ve noticed more and more people are searching the internet for ways to get healthy. They want to be healthy, they just don’t necessarily want to have to take any difficult action steps in order to make it happen.

Getting healthy usually means all the normal steps. Eating better, getting some regular exercise, and addressing various ailments and symptoms that have begun to show up. Still, most people are going to take a passive approach to their health. They want to do things and go places where things will be “done to them” rather than them having to “do stuff.”

Let’s take eating better for example. There’s no real mystery any more for you in which foods are good for you. Fast food is usually bad (even the stuff they try to make seem like it’s good for you), and vegetables are good. When you are snacking on potato chips, you can’t honestly be telling yourself “I sure am eating healthy.” Eating healthy things, putting only healthy things in your shopping cart, and worse, planning your meals ahead of time so you don’t get caught starving and nothing to eat but fast food requires effort.

Exercise is the same thing. Remember those belts that people used to strap around their waist and get shaken into better health? You don’t see them anymore because exercise really is not a passive thing. You’ve got to get out of your chair and regularly move around to make anything happen. After awhile, just walking around is not really going to get you the results you want either. You’ll have to put in more effort to increase the intensity of your exercise to hit the next level.

Here’s the good news for those people that want to do something healthy, but don’t want to put forth a ton of effort. Get a chiropractic adjustment. You don’t have to wait for headaches, neck pain, or back pain to decide to visit a chiropractor (even though that’s what a lot of people do). Getting a chiropractic adjustment is one of the easiest things to do, and one of the healthiest.

It’s an insidious thing. You don’t see that your spine is breaking down. You don’t see the degeneration process start to occur in your spine and the spinal discs. You just know that things aren’t quite right. I’ve had patients that never complained of anything more than low back stiffness, before coming in for their first chiropractic visit.

However, their x-rays showed advanced spinal degeneration something that simply could not happen overnight. The best part of all in starting this type of program is that the only “action” you have to take is to show up. The chiropractor will do the rest, and you get to just sit back and feel better about taking a healthy step toward a better you.

Thanks to trusty yelp I found Dr. Jay.

The great reviews did not lead me astray. I must say I was quite wary of chiropractors before going to Dr. Jay. I had chronic back pain for years, and had become resigned to living with it for the rest… Read more “Thanks to trusty yelp I found Dr. Jay.”

Alessandra V.